CCANDL Is Officially Green Lab Certified!

CCANDL is excited to announce that it is now Green Lab certified! Over the summer of 2021, the lab assessed its energy use, waste streams, and purchasing. Then it implemented many different tools and shared what was learned about sustainability with all of its members in order to understand the impacts of its practices and to create healthy and sustainable environment.

A few of the actions/tools the lab implemented are:

  1. Use of reusable food/drink containers, dishes, and silverware.
  2. Using double-sided printing.
  3. Conserving water while washing hands/dishes.
  4. Conserving energy by turning off light, electronics, etc. when lab space isn’t in use.
  5. Requiring lab members to complete a sustainability training specific to our lab on Canvas.

If you are interested in learning more about the Green Lab certification process, you can visit the UW Office of Sustainability Green Labs website!