Diversity Statement


Our mission is to create shared knowledge through innovative science that links early diagnosis of speech and language impairments in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders to improved interventions.  We believe that communication is a fundamental human right, and it is our mission to develop ways to uphold this right, especially for individuals living with cognitive impairment and dementia. We acknowledge that there are inequities in the care provided to persons with dementia due to social constructs such as ageism and racism. We are committed to addressing and reducing these health disparities through education, research, improved care, and activism, including the following: 

  1. We embrace a constantly evolving definition of diversity that acknowledges the richness of identities and experiences and appreciates all of the different ways people exist in our society.
  2. We seek to involve members from diverse backgrounds and groups that have historically been underrepresented in the fields of science and speech-language pathology, and/or individuals who are committed to eliminating these disparities. 
  3. We work to create a welcoming and supportive environment where diversity is a foundation for creativity, strong science, and learning. 
  4. We engage in regular and structured discussions about historical and current disparities in health care and education. These discussions foster independent growth and facilitate progress toward equitable treatment of all we serve.
  5. We have created and are committed to maintaining a shared database of resources for learning about diversity, equity and inclusion.  
  6. Click here to access the shared database 
  7. Our research aims to create culture-fair assessments of speech and language for aging individuals and those with cognitive impairment. 
  8. Click here for an example.